Ultrasonic Vibration Micro Nozzle
The Ultrasonic Vibration Micro Nozzle transducer is constructed using a piezoelectric ceramic material and metal foil, on which thousands of micro nozzles are formed. Using the same principle as an inkjet printer, this transducer atomizes water or liquids through a matrix of microscopic holes about 7-10 g m. in diameter.
This ultrasonic transducer uses the siphon principle to draw small amounts of liquid to the surface of metal foil and then atomizes the liquid more efficiency than conventional ultrasonic atomizing transducers.
In conventional ultrasonic systems, a high liquid level must be maintained in the tank to cover the surface of the ultrasonic atomizing transducer.
Features: Applications:
  • Fine and consistent misted particle size
  • Adjustable misted particle size
  • No loaded liquids require as comparing with conventional atomizers
  • High atomizing efficiency
  • Less power consumption
  • High stability and durability
  • Humidification in refrigerated food displays and storage, living environments, and air conditioning plants.
  • Inhalation and disinfecting equipment
  • Humidification in industrial process control for lubrication, coating and etc.
  • Liquids dispensing systems

Model Number M2313500
Resonant Frequency 143.05KHz
Impedance 10 Ohm typ.
Capacitance 230020% pF
Dimensions L: 29.1±0.2 mm
W: 17.3±0.1 mm
T: 1.0±0.1 mm (PZT Element)
Metal Material 50 μm (Ni- Co Alloy)
Nozzle size 7±3 g m
Impedance/Phase Angle
Mounting Pads ( Pads material: Silicone Rubber or other elastic resins)
Driving Circuit
Remark: The negative side faces to the opening, the positive side faces to the liquid source, if driving circuit uses NPN transistor.